Monday, June 18, 2012


Good Morning!

This week, like a sharp poke in the side, I remembered a little lesson somebody taught several years ago. It was the principle of "spiritual breathing."

We need to breath in, but we can't only breath in or eventually it will be like we never breathed in, and we will turn blue. We need to breath out so that we can breath in again. Over and over.

Spiritually, breathing in is taking in, learning, receiving. Clearly, we need to breath in and be nourished.

Breathing out corresponds to giving, doing, passing on to others some of what we just got. We also need to breath out because it is part of the cycle.

If we only breath in, we become like a little pond that gets rainwater and then sits stagnantly, rotting. The water would not go bad if there were circulation - water coming in and going out.

We can't grow in a healthy way by taking in, taking in, taking in. We get fat that way. We get puffed up with all of our knowledge, but we don't learn how to use it if we don't actually go out and use it. We need to eat the word and then go and let it get burned up with exercise. Then we need to come back to get full again so we can repeat the cycle.

For me, I need to do a lot more breathing out. I'm learning so much these days, but I need to share that and use it. So one of my goals is to blog more so I can pass on the things that are benefiting me.

Proverbs 11:24
One gives freely,
yet grows all the richer;
another withholds what he should give,
and only suffers want.

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  1. wonderful and timely blog post! thanks so much Hannah! This is Elizabeth from Forum Le Femme by the way. But this comment will post as my blog name Beloved of a King.