Monday, April 30, 2012

A Tribute to My Fish and to Jesus

Last week, a tragedy occurred in the Trigg household.  My beloved Betta fish, Alfa, had his final adventure as he leapt out of his bowl and flopped all over my bed side table while I slept.  I found him before I left for work in the morning, nice and crispy, his gorgeous teal scales dried up into a horrible black color.  I wailed.

As shocking and sad as this event was (and believe me, it was sad - I cried every day for a week), I was reminded of the hope I have in Christ because of God.

Death is truly a horrifying, ugly, ruthless thing.  It rips and tears at everything it can dig its claws into, and leaves us traumatized and wounded.  But all of us have to face death!  And as indescribably terrible as it is, we have to remember that death itself will be destroyed.  Because of what Christ did to ransom us, someday the reign of Death will be broken, and death's evil prince, Illness, will no longer influence the world.  Instead, there will be Restoration - we and our loved ones who have fallen asleep beside us will be RESTORED!  This is an unbelievable salve for the wounds death has marred us with.

While I wait to be reunited with my dear little feisty fish, and, much more seriously, with my fellow brothers and sisters who have endured this life and fought in love for the Lord, I am SO thankful for the short time we have here together on this earth.  Honestly, what a gift each moment is!  I can say I enjoyed Alfa every day he was in my life (it's so easy to love a fish unconditionally), and I want to be able to say the same for each person I love when that time comes .

Finally, what dawned on me was that if a silly little two inch long fish that does nothing productive in life can capture my heart so, how precious must we be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ?  How do they feel when we die and they too have to wait until the Resurrection to hear our voice again?  Alfa's death just really opened my eyes to how loved we must be and how our lives must warm God's heart when we spend them with Him.

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