Friday, January 7, 2011

My Addiction

I've just been thinking recently about how much easier it is for me to hang out with God these days.... The reasons are endless, but here are a few that have made a huge difference:

1. Coming to understand the fact that I don't *have* to do anything for God!  Christ made me righteous (as in "having right standing in God's eyes") and loved, and I can do absolutely nothing to get more loved or more righteous on my own.  This is 100% freeing because I now have no authorization to judge other people as better or worse than me, and I can't be self-sufficient by doing all sorts of amazing things.  It makes my mind a lot less critical and a lot more dependent on God.  It's glorious!  I don't have to be perfect nor do I have to feel guilty for my inherent imperfection!  So it makes me much less scared of God and a lot more attracted to Him because I know He loves me unconditionally.

2. I've decided that He knows what He's talking about and that I want to believe what He says, because I'm a freaking basket case if I don't believe Him.  So I gravitate toward what He might have to tell me.

3. I've figured out that life is just plain NOT exciting if I don't have a good relationship going on with God and my Lord Jesus.  It really isn't.  It's not just boring - it's drudgery to the extreme.  I become really pathetic, weak and unhappy without that constant (Oh how I wish it was actually constant) connection.

So there you go.  I absolutely have to have God.  He's like crack!  Except I wouldn't know because I've never tried crack and God is not addicting in a debilitating way, but an empowering way - He's unbelievably, wholesomely nourishing to ones bones.

I can tell that this year will be so much better than last!