Monday, September 27, 2010

Life is Full

I started my new job (finally!) two weeks ago, and that's why I'm all incognito. I'm not used to having 0 flexibility during my day, and since I'm in one single place almost the whooole day, I feel very busy. I come home and it's dinnertime and bedtime. The house is a mess, and people are calling me wondering why I don't like them any more (ok, I exaggerated on that one, but the house seriously looks like a sty).

Because of the not-so-surprising transition, I've not been diving into my Word enough. I think I have gotten better about this in the years past, but I'm not sure if it's a problem because I'm feeling guilty or because I'm genuinely feeling disconnected and unfed. All I know is that I don't relish the feeling, whatever the cause. I lose my excitement and energy. Oh, the dilemmas of life! I have to find a way to spend some meaningful time hearing from my two biggest fans haha But let me tell you, 5:30 AM is not a great time to do that, and that's been the plan. I'm cranky and despicable. God probably wishes I would go back to bed just so He doesn't have to deal with my ceaseless squinting and grumbling.

In other news (my best friend says that all the time and it makes me happy), I love it when people are brave enough to be open and honest about their fears and their passions. I really wish I was like that sometimes, but since I'm really private and reserved with those things, then I can just appreciate them all the more in others. But I just get inspired, knowing that people have excitement that they're not afraid to go after, or at least talk about :) Plus, what are relationships based on if they don't have honesty sprinkled about them?

That's really been a wake-up call to me. One of my relational downfalls with friends can be that I don't ever blossom for them. I'm like a rose that just stays all bound up for fear of being too ugly when my petals unfurl. Anyway, just another thing on my little (haha) list of things to get help with. God is good, and I can practice being real with Him.

All this to say that life is rich, full of change, hope and possibility!

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