Monday, January 14, 2013

"In My Distress"

I have a tendency to think that because I've messed something up with my own sin or even just my own silly mistakes, I shouldn't or can't go to God for help.  But as I was reading this verse...:

"In my distress I called to the LORD,
and he answered me."
Psalm 120:1 ESV

...I realized that much of my distress in life is caused by my own bad attitudes, mistakes or wrong reactions (etc) to things, more so than the things themselves that happen to me.  For example, somebody wrongs me and I start feeling really badly for myself, and the pity turns into more distress than the wrong that was done to me to begin with.  When that happens, I feel it is my own responsibility to "get over" my problems since they seem to be my fault to begin with.

But a good parent wouldn't leave their young child to untangle their own mess - they would lovingly step in when possible.  They would understand that a child can't be perfect, and is still learning and figuring out boundaries, etc.  And when problems arise, as they are sure to, a child really isn't capable of saying "Oh, I know exactly what went wrong - I can handle this no problem now."  Rather, they will be upset from whatever happened, and will need extra support.

So, even when I think my distress is my own fault, I can and should try to turn away from what I know is wrong, and most importantly, ask for help!  God is willing.

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