Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I Need Jesus

I'm always a little surprised and sad when I talk to people about Jesus and they don't seem to feel the same way I do about him.  It seems often to be no fault of their own, except maybe unwillingness to check out what they have heard about Jesus.  I'm lucky because I grew up in a family where God and Jesus were a big deal, and I've known about the benefits of living life with them, if not first-hand, at least by exposure to the Bible and to other believers.  And because of this I've always loved Jesus.  But I don't think I finally felt my real need for him until the things I usually thrived on failed me and I landed hard on my hind end.  Then I got up, looked around and realized this wasn't the first time this had happened, but was in fact probably the hundredth, and maybe I should re-evaluate what I think I need in life.

And that's the thing - anything, anyone, that isn't God or Jesus Christ is going to hurt you, let you down, leave you.  Including yourself, if that's what has gotten you by in life so far.  Sometimes feelings seem like facts, and other times facts are not backed up by feelings.  It might not feel true to you that everything will fail you, because perhaps it seems that you have always done okay and been okay.  You don't need Jesus because you can't even see him, maybe.  But let me tell you, you WILL see him, and I hope you meet him before you have to stand in front of him when it's time to sort out the people he knows and doesn't know.  Because he is good and he loves you and not only will he save you eternally, when the time comes, from the long, dark shadow and the creeping death Satan has cast over this earth, but he will also give you everything you need to live a truly full life right now - that being a relationship with him.

I need Christ because I live on this planet and this planet and all of us on it are tanking.

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